Leaf Confetti Name Card

Using fall leaves to create art is a fun activity for kids. 

In this activity we are using confetti made from leaves to make a name card.

Leaf Confetti Name Card

What you need

Leaves- ideally in a variety of colours

Hole punch



Step 1

Gather leaves. We took a walk around the neighbourhood and collected different colours and shapes.

Step 2

Use the hole punch on the leaves to make awesome nature confetti. This is a great activity for improving hand strength for little kids.

Make sure to use leaves of different colours so you get some variety!

Step 3

Use a glue stick to write each letter. Then sprinkle the confetti over the glue.

Step 4

Complete each letter, then gently brush off any excess.

There you go!

You can hang it on the wall like we did or use it to practice name spelling. Once the glue is dry you could use it as a tactile tool for tracing the letters with your finger!


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