Popsicle Stick Pointer

Popsicle Stick Pencil Pointer

Its back to school time!

Since we have a kid going into grade 1 and a kid starting kindergarten we made some popsicle stick pointers to follow along with reading and help keep us on track when reading alone.

What you need

Plain popsicle sticks


Step 1

Make a pink block at one end, followed by a silver or grey block immediately after. This will make the eraser of the pencil.

Step 2

Using tan or light brown on the other end of the stick draw a triangle to make the point of the pencil.  Using a black marker, add a small dot on the very edge make the pencil lead.

Step 3

Using the tan or light brown marker make a zig zag edge at the bottom of your triangle. This will make it look like the pencil has been sharpened. Then colour in the middle section in yellow.

Step 4

Grab a book and point to the words as you read. 



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