Police Hat Printable

I created this awesome police hat printable for Jack, my little guy who is
obsessed with all things emergency services related.

Jack loves playing dress up. Even when he isn’t in a costume he
is often pretending to be a police officer. *cue the sirens*

To make this wearable we printed and coloured it then simply cut
a strip of paper to go around the back of the head, securing it with tape.

What you need

PDF Police Hat Printable




Step 1

Print the police hat. Make sure it is on “landscape” setting.

Step 2

Colour the hat however you like.


Step 3

Cut out the hat. Then cut a long paper strip for the band.
Sometimes you might need to add on extra, depending on the size of the child’s
head. Simply tape the pieces together to make the correct length.

Step 4

Tape the edges of the paper strip to the sides of the hat.

There you have it!

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