Printable Unicorn Headband

This printable unicorn headband is a big hit with my littlest, Luke. 

Unicorns are seriously fun and the best part about a printable is that you get to colour it any way you want. All pink? Go for it! Black like the night? Live your life!

What you need

Unicorn Headband Printable




Step 1

Print out the unicorn headband template.

Step 2

Colour the template. You could add glitter or stickers if you like and if you have them on hand.

Step 3

Cut a strip along the bottom of the paper lengthwise and clue this on either side to the ends of the strips on the unicorn headband. This should make it long enough to fit around a head, but you can always add more if necessary.


Thats it! Go make some magic!

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