Leaf Books

We used a no-staple stapler to secure 2 leaves together to make a leaf book!


We talked about how paper is made from trees and how the leaves change as the weather turns to fall. While we were playing with the leaves, Luke noticed a bug stuck in a spiderweb and although we like spiders, Luke couldn’t resist helping the little bug. As you can see below, this was the inspiration for our story.

What you need:


No staple stapler


Step 1

Pick 2 leaves and fold them in half, then use your no staple stapler along the edge to secure them together.

Step 2

Use your marker to draw pictures on each leaf page.

There you have it! See our story below

The Good Guy and the Bug

Once upon a time there was a bug stuck in a spider web.

The Good Guy noticed him and decided to help.

The good guy set the bug free!

And then he was happy!

The end.

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