Painted Chickpea Sensory Bin

We made this super simple sensory bin using some dried chickpeas and acrylic paint. Just a note- these aren’t taste safe. 

I let the kids choose the colours and they chose green for grass, blue for water, and yellow for flowers. It was great to see their imaginations working before we even got things set up!

We initially wanted to use some bugs to keep with the nature concept, then Jack wanted to add a zombie. Which, of course, led to adding googly eyes.

What you need:

Dried chickpeas – my dish was relatively small so you can adjust for the size of the container you are using. I used about 6 cups.

Acrylic Paint- About 1 tbsp per colour.

Plastic bags or sealable containters you do not mind getting paint in.

A bin

Small toys – as you wish

Paper towels, cardboard, or newspaper

Step 1

Separate the chickpeas into different bags/containers. Pour in about 1 tablespoon of paint into the container, then seal it up and shake, shake, shake!

Step 2

Carefully open the bags back up. Check that the chickpeas are fully covered. If they aren’t you can add a little bit more paint and continue shaking. Once everything is well coated leave the bags open to allow the paint to dry.

Step 3

Check the chickpeas after about 15 minutes. Smush them around and check that they are not drying into a big clump. 

Step 4

Once you feel that your chickpeas are almost dried, lay them out on some paper towel, (you could also use cardboard, or newspapers) to finish the drying process. This only takes a few minutes.

Step 5

Add the chickpeas into your bin. You can keep them separated by colour or just dump them all in. Add in some small toys and play away!