Alphabet Grooved Craft Sticks

These rainbow alphabet craft sticks are a fun and interactive way to work on letter recognition.

Luke almost has it down, but there are a few letters in the middle that he gets stuck on. So we are trying to get creative with ways to play and learn so that the repetition doesn’t feel repetitive.

Get ready for the easiest instructions. . .

What you need

Grooved craft sticks 


Step 1

Write upper and lower case letters on each craft stick.

Step 2


You can use these in so many ways. You can line them up in order and sing the alphabet song together, which is where we started. 

You can also group them by colour if little one’s aren’t quite ready for the letters on their own. You can put them in a jar and pull one out at a time and name the letters. You can also build a structure with them, which is what we ended up doing.