Paper Clocks

With the transition back to school, the kids have been exhausted. They are still working on time telling, but they understand that if one hand is on the 12 and one hand is on the 8, it’s bed time. 

So we have been working on teaching them how to tell the time and I made these little paper wheel clocks to help make it interactive.

What you need:

Empty cereal box


Construction paper

Foam paper


Round head pin fasteners



Hole punch

Step 1

Use a bowl to trace a circle on your empty cereal box and cut it out. 

Step 2

Do the same with your construction paper to ensure it is the same size as your cereal box. Then glue the construction paper onto the cereal box circle. This will become your clock face.

Step 3

Cut 2 strips from your cereal box to make the hands of the clock. Ensure one is approximately half of your circle and the other is a couple of centimeters shorter.

Step 4

Use the strips to trace the same shape into the foam paper, then cut them out and glue the foam to the box strips. I would advise using 2 different colours of foam paper so that it makes each hand very distinct.

Step 5

Cut a point on one end of each of the clock hands. Then use the hole punch to create a hole on the opposite end.

Step 6

Using a pair of scissors, poke a hole into the centre of the face of the clock. 

Step 7

Write the numbers around the face of the clock, both hours and minutes. Use your round head pin fastener to secure the hands onto the clock.

There you have it! 


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