Floating Ghosts

Halloween is big in our house and the boys LOVE something that is a combination of spooky and cute, so this hits the mark.

What you need:

Blue construction paper

Black construction paper

Yellow construction paper

White paper

Black marker



Step 1

Cut out 2 strips of black construction paper about 1 cm wide. The length should match the width of your blue construction paper. Then cut out thin strips of black construction paper about 6 cm long. All but 6 of these strips will make your spooky fence.

Step 2

Draw your 3 little ghosts on white paper and cut them out. Then cut out a big moon from your yellow construction paper.

Step 3

Glue your moon anywhere you like on the page. Glue your fence posts in place along the bottom of your blue paper.

Step 4

Use the remaining black strips to make the spring for your ghosts. Using 2 at a time, place them perpendicular to each other and alternate folding each piece over the other.

Step 5

Once you get to the end glue the last folds together.

Step 6

Glue the paper springs onto your blue construction paper. Then glue your ghosts on top of the springs.

There you have it!


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