Leaf Lanterns

We are always looking for un ways to reuse the many boxes that come into our house. These lanterns are a great way to reuse something that might otherwise go directly into the recycling bin. 

What you need:

Empty cereal box

No staple stapler (you can also use a stapler, glue, or even tape)


Tissue paper

Step 1

Cut a rectangle into your cereal box. Ours were about 4x 5.5 inches, but you can make them any size you like.


Step 2

Roll your cardboard and use the no staple stapler to secure it in place. This side will be the back of the lantern.

Step 3

Cut out a leaf pattern in the centre of the front of the cylinder. You can draw it first, prior to rolling it, but we just cut them free hand.

Step 4

Cut your tissue paper so that you won’t have too much excess. Use your cardboard cylinder as a template. It should be no more than an inch longer than the cylinder. You can tuck in the excess into the top and you can leave the back alone or you can glue it to make sure it is secured.

Step 5

Turn on your battery powered tea lights and place the lanterns on top.

There you have it!

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