Autumn Kitty

We love kitties in our house, although Jack is a little bit scared of them because they are unpredictable. Luke prides himself on his love of cats so I had to make this sweet little kitty craft for him.

What you need:

2 x Orange construction paper

Red construction paper

Yellow construction paper

Green construction paper

White paper

Black, red, green, and yellow markers



Step 1

Fold one piece of orange construction paper in half and glue it down. Then fold in half a second time, do not glue with the second fold.

Step 2

Cut out legs into the folded paper but cutting out a box from the bottom.

Step 3

Round the edges of the legs to make the feet.

Step 4

Fold the second piece of orange construction paper in half, gluing to keep it in place, then fold it in half a second time.

Step 5

Cut along the top (fold) to create the ears and top of the head. Cut around the bottom corners to make them rounded for the bottom of the face. Keep the piece you cut off the top. This will become the tail!

Step 6

You now have 2 cat face shapes. Glue along the ears and the top of the face.

Step 7

Cut 2 little slits (about 2 cm deep) on the “back” of the cat. You will stick the back of the cat face into one and the tail into the other. Fold the bottom of the legs to make the feet (about 1 1/2 cm).

Step 8

Use your white paper and draw out the feet. I drew some little lines to make toes. Cut them out and glue them onto the feet of the kitty.

Step 9

Draw on the kitty face. Cut out a small heart and glue it on for the nose.

Step 10

Cut out leaves in the shapes you like and draw on the ribs in corresponding colours. Glue them onto the ear of your kitty. Then place the kitty face onto the body.



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