Alphabet Tree

We made this cute little alphabet tree using cardboard layers.

We had fun matching the capital letters, then I added lower case letters as well. Once the kids seemed bored with that I gave them stickers to stick on for sticker match game. There are so many ways you could use this!

What you need:

2 large pieces of cardboard

Acrylic paint


Box cutter


Step 1:

Cut out a large triangle in one piece of cardboard, then use that to trace a second to make sure they are the same size.

Step 2:

Using your box cutter carefully cut out a circle the size you want the ornaments to be. If you’re not sure of the layout your want you can trace the circle all around the cardboard to make sure it will fit in the pattern you want. Then cut out each circle. I always use a piece of scrap cardboard underneath to make sure I don’t cut through.

Step 3:

Paint the tree and the ornament cutouts. You can use any colours you want, make patterns, whatever you choose.

Step 4:

Take your other cardboard triangle and glue it in place behind your painted triangle once the paint has dried.

Step 5:

Write the letters of the alphabet (or whichever matching activity your choose) on the cardboard inside the circles and on your “ornaments” as well.

Step 6:

Play! Even my older child

who knows the alphabet well had fun matching up the circles for this one! 


There you have it!