Cardboard Gingerbread Houses

These cute little gingerbread houses were made by upcycling cardboard boxes. They didn’t take long to make, just a few minutes with a box cutter and a glue gun.

What you need:

Cardboard box

Box Cutter

Glue Gun

Accessories for decorating

Step 1:

Cut out a general house shape with squared off bottom and triangle top. Use this to trace a second for the back of the house.  Cut out 2 rectangular pieces the same height as the squared off part of the front (and back) of your house. 

For the roof cut a rectangle the length and width of your house walls plus one inch in each direction. 

I always use a piece of scrap cardboard underneath to make sure I don’t cut through.

Step 2:

Cut out any features you want in the walls before you assemble the pieces. You can add windows and doors or other shapes if you like.

Step 3:

Using a glue gun, carefully glue along the sides and piece the walls together first. Once the walls are secure, glue along the top and add the roof. Gently press down to make sure to lessen gaps between the foor and the walls as it is drying.

Step 4:

Decorate! We used stickers, pipecleaners, pom poms, paint, and a button.

There you have it!