Notes From the Heart Mailbox

while cardboard box with a rainbow heart and note cards around it. Inside the heart says the words "notes from the heart"

We are really working on positive affirmations and I decided to make a little mailbox to pop our positive messages into. I’ve been thinking about creating a mailbox for a while and when I saw this little box I thought it was just the perfect size.

A white box with a cardboard heart and red paint around one section. Below the box is a set of paint pots filled with rainbow paint.
We used cardboard as a stencil to create the heart.

The completed mailbox is perfect for Valentine’s Day, but we plan to use it year round. I started writing little notes about love and kindness, but we also plan to have the kids create their own positive affirmations. 

White box with a rainbow heart on the front and the words "notes from the heart"