Love Sensory Puzzle

Shallow cardboard box filled with pink rice and the word "love" in the middle with a container of red chickpeas below.

We love sensory play! It’s fun to set up and it’s messy ( I know, not for everyone). It also gives us a relaxing activity to do together while we chat. I sometimes offer a sensory activity when I have something that I want to talk with the kids about- like dealing with tough emotions.

For this sensory activity I wanted to  make it a little special so I made the base from cardboard and traced the word “love” from a separate piece. I also decided to make a little handprint for the O for something a little extra!

Using a red hot glue gun to secure the sides of a shallow cardboard box.
I used hot glue to secure the sides.

I made this one shallow because I wanted to keep it small so I cut some strips of cardboard and then hot glued them to the cardboard base to make the sides. 

Then I used hot glue to secure the letters in place in the middle of the base.

Shallow cardboard box with the word "love" in the middle.
Ready for some sensory filler!

Once the glue dried, it was ready for the sensory filler. I previously made some pink rice so I poured that in around the letters. Have you coloured rice before? It is so simple! Grab a ziploc bag and put in your rice, then add a squirt of paint. Close over the bag and shake the rice until all of the rice is coated. Then spread it out on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and let it dry. My kids are old enough that they don’t try to mouth sensory fillers anymore, but if yours are really little, it might be a better idea to use food colouring instead of paint because (obviously) acrylic paint isn’t taste safe.

I added a little bin of red chickpeas that I had painted red. I coloured the chickpeas in a similar way to the rice. Same disclaimer goes for the chickpeas- they aren’t taste safe. There are many different sensory fillers that can be a better fit if you are worried your child might try to eat or taste what they are playing with. Some ideas you could consider are coconut, cereal (crushed or whole), or cocoa. You know your situation and your child best. Happy playing!

Shallow cardboard box filled with pink rice and the word "love" in the middle with a container of red chickpeas below.
Love themed sensory puzzle