Colour Mixing Caterpillar

Colour Mixing Caterpillar made with upcycled paper rolls! This craft is so fun and bright and my kids just loved the cute caterpillar as the end result. 

This isn’t just a cute craft, though. It also gives us the opportunity to talk about colours and colour mixing. 

First, cut your paper roll into smaller pieces, this way you can use each piece for a different colour. I created a repeating pattern of red, yellow, and blue and we slightly overlapped each stamped colour.


I painted in the space where the circles overlapped to show what colour results from mixing. As you can see, red and yellow red and yellow mixed results in orange. Blue and yellow mixed results in green.


I drew a simple face to finish it off!

This can be adapted to any colours you like, but we wanted to start with primary colours because that is what Luke was recently learning about at school. You could even update it into a fun maths activity with overlapping circles and the sum in the middle… come to think of it, that’s an activity I think my kids would really like!


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