Upcycled Materials Rainbow

Rainbow using different upcycled materials.


We have a really big collection of recyclables. I’m trying to be picky about my supplies, but honestly it is so hard. Who knows when inspiration might strike and what I’ll need for it? 

So my plan for this craft was to use several different types of materials from my stash. I used cardboard, paper rolls, and bubble wrap!

First, cut the cardboard into a rectangle. I used thin cardboard like you might find is used for a cereal box. Then cut the paper rolls. I cut them about 1 cm thick.

Glue the paper rolls in place on the sides at the bottom and then paint them white to represent clouds.

Cut a rainbow shape from your bubble wrap and paint with rainbow colours. You want to paint it quick and thick enough that the first colour will not dry by the time you have finished your last.

Then turn it over and stamp it in place.

One of the best parts about using the piece of bubble wrap for a stamp is that you can reuse the stamp to make it into another craft! Check back because I’ll have that coming up soon.