Bubble Wrap Rainbow with Cardboard Clouds

We upcycled our previous upcycle to make this bubble wrap rainbow with cardboard clouds.

Have you seen our previous bubble wrap rainbow craft? We used the bubble wrap to create a rainbow stamp using acrylic paints. Once the paint dried I really wanted to reuse the rainbow shape. It was too pretty to not use again!

I cut out some little cloud shapes from thin cardboard (think of the cardboard from a cereal box). Then I painted them white. I made sure to paint them thick and added in some bumps and swirls. This gave a bit of textured effect.

cloud shapes cut from cardboard with white paint on the side.

Then I used a glue stick and glued the clouds onto each side of the rainbow. This would be so pretty if you added a string and hung it in the window because the light looks so cool shining through the painted bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap in a rainbow shape painted with rainbow colours and a white cloud made from cardboard on each side.