Cardboard Dot Art Rainbow

paint pots with rainbow paint and a cardboard rainbow painted with colourful dots below


A simple dot art rainbow to brighten any day!

Beautiful and fun crafts don’t need to take a lot of prep, supplies, or money. This pretty rainbow is made from cardboard and painted using cotton swabs!

Cardboard half circle and  rainbow paint in pots above it.
Simple supplies like cardboard and cotton swabs for the win!

I always want affordable and accessible materials for my crafts and this is as simple as it gets. You could recreate this with paper or use other tools in place of paint brushes like cut up sponges or even utensils.

This pretty rainbow can be displayed on a bookshelf or you could add some yarn to the back and hang it! OR… you could just let the kids play with it. Which is not what I had planned, but what my kids have been doing! Seems a rainbow is always welcome.

paint pots with rainbow paints and a cardboard rainbow painted with colourful dots
Cardboard Dot Art Rainbow

Happy Crafting!